Introducing electronic claims


The way that benefit applications are made will soon become easier and more efficient as a new electronic way of claiming for both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction is being introduced.

Following approval at Cabinet, the Council is now introducing a new way to claim online, using e-forms and an online verification system.

The current situation

Calderdale Council currently process around 10,000 Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction claims, and around 80,000 changes in circumstances each year, all using hard copy forms. This is time consuming for both customers and council staff.

Difference it will make to Calderdale

Using an electronic way of claiming will make it easier for customers to report a change in circumstances or to make a claim. It will free up staff time to spend more time helping people who need extra support or help. It is also anticipated to save the Council around £250,000 over three years.

The Libraries service will support people who do not have the digital skills to get online, both for the new benefits system and other online opportunities. They also provide free internet access through library computers or free Wi-Fi. Claimants can still access support and advice at the Council’s Customer First offices.

For more information on the introduction of electronic forms, see Press release: Introducing electronic forms.

For more information on Housing Benefits and Council Tax reduction claims, see Advice and benefits.

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