Road safety training


The purpose of the Road Safety service is to provide education and training for life for the whole community and to promote a safety culture. We try to change road users behaviour so that roads are safer for everyone, particularly the most vulnerable – young and elderly people, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders. We aim to give all road users the skills and information needed to travel safely.

Why we needed a change

The Road Safety service has been delivering road safety education and training to Calderdale schools for many years and the feedback is always extremely positive. However, it is now important for schools to be able to show evidence of the effect of this education and training on the behaviour of their pupils particularly about young people taking responsibility for their own wellbeing, which is an area that Ofsted are very keen as part of their inspection regime.

Our solution

Working with key members of school staff we identified what needed to be shown in our evaluations. We designed a programme where the Road Safety team would revisit schools three months after delivering the training and speak to students, asking three key questions:

  • What do you remember from the Road Safety workshop?
  • How has your behaviour changed?
  • How can future sessions be improved?

The information gathered in this way together with feedback from students, staff, and local and borough road traffic statistics, is combined into a single report which is then provided to the school. When the school is asked for evidence of the steps they take to ensure that students are learning to be responsible for their own safety and wellbeing, the school management team can immediately produce the report relating to their school.

Difference it has made to the council

This approach of providing evidence of the impact of road safety training and education has led to an increase in business for the Road Safety service which, in turn, leads to continuous improvement in the way the workshops are developed. We started this approach in the Spring term 2014, and in the Services for Schools 2014 survey the Road Safety service achieved 94% customer satisfaction.

Difference it has made to local people

By listening to our customers we have made the road safety training specific to whichever school we are visiting. The quality of these workshops ensures that Calderdale children and young people are kept safe and learn to look after themselves around other road users.


The Deputy Head of a Calderdale secondary school commented that “this is invaluable evidence of impact for our school.”

For more information, see Road Safety.

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