One of the Council’s priorities is to improve the environment we live in and promote respect for Calderdale’s heritage. Whilst most residents and businesses within the borough do dispose of their waste in a responsible manner, some choose to tip their waste in the countryside or dump it on someone else’s land. This is fly-tipping and it’s illegal. The Council’s Environmental Health Team, working with other Council services carry out education activities to prevent this and, when necessary, will use enforcement to keep our environment clean and pleasant.

Why we needed a change

The process we used was too involved and complicated. When a customer rang the Contact Centre to report fly-tipping the Customer Service Advisor (CSA) would have to identify where exactly the customer was talking about. The CSA would then have to find out who was responsible for the land and pass the message about the fly-tipping to them. These calls could be quite long which meant that in addition to the customer’s time there was also the cost of the telephone call to consider. From the Council’s point of view, the CSAs were unable to answer other calls which caused delays for other customers. At the end of the call the CSA had to decide which part of the Council’s services the incident should be passed to for action.

Our solution

Several areas of the Council were involved in designing a number of questions for the CSA to ask the customer. As they work through this script it clarifies where the information about the incident needs to be sent to and who will organise the removal of the rubbish.

Another strand of this solution has been educating Calderdale residents about the things they can recycle and how to dispose of bulk items, ie beds, sofas, etc.

Difference it made to the Council

This change was introduced in Spring 2014 and since then only one Section 46 enforcement notice has been issued. The more streamlined process has reduced the length of time taken to handle an incident of fly-tipping from about 4 days down to less than 2 days. It has also reduced the length of time that telephone reports now take meaning that CSAs are able to answer more of our customers’ calls.

Difference it made to local people

Because residents are now more aware of the recycling opportunities in Calderdale, the areas where fly-tipping was occurring have been noticeably cleaner and nicer for residents. The speed of response to incidents of fly-tipping has been noted by residents, too.

For more information see Fly-tipping

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