Sharing information confidentially

Padlock on keyboard

The Safeguarding Team at Calderdale Council were posting up to 15,000 pieces of information to schools on an annual basis. This was a costly exercise and ran the risk of information being lost in transit. We developed a secure mechanism for sharing this information electronically.

Individual folders for each school were set up within the Council’s secure IT network. Computer Access Security Agreements were established for all school based personnel who needed access to this confidential information. Training was given in how to access and use the secure folders.

This created a secure work area where information could be shared on a time limited basis. The information is only available for 28 days and is then removed.

The Safeguarding Team are able to use staff resources more efficiently, it leaves more time to deal with caseloads rather than printing and preparing bundles of information to post out to schools.

The Council saves on postage and other stationary costs.

The schools receive the information swiftly and in a more efficient and secure manner.

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