Creative Colleagues

People working in a team

At Calderdale Council our biggest asset is the people that work for us. This is one manager’s story…

“In our service area within Adults Health and Social Care we have encouraged and supported colleagues to share their skills and expertise by working in other teams. This has resulted in colleagues being enthused, motivated, creative and resourceful. We have encouraged colleagues to take this opportunity as self development and supported them to work in other teams in order to enhance their personal skills and gain more varied experience.

The workforce can be stable but by encouraging colleagues to move between teams we can be more creative, generate new ideas and allow change to occur. We wanted to create a development opportunity for colleagues to boost their confidence and skills and help the Council to improve its service to customers.

We talked with colleagues and challenged them to think outside of their normal routines and also to take a risk. We encouraged team managers to take on different colleagues. We moved people around, provided opportunities for some colleagues to manage or work in different teams.

A team leader stepped up and managed two teams instead of one. This allowed this colleague to grow in confidence and to embrace more change. Both the service and our customers reaped the rewards.

We have seen an increase in the quality of service to customers and carers and we have saved money. Most importantly we have stretched individuals to believe in their own capabilities. This initiative has motivated, inspired and grown enthusiasm within the workforce.

Who benefited? Customers, carers, families, staff, colleagues, partners and the Council. Also me, from a selfish point of view, I am so proud of the colleagues who have taken on the opportunities, as I can see the benefits to them, the Service and the Council overall.”

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