Making a difference to our schools

children using a laptop

The digital revolution has had a huge impact on schools over the past decade as old-fashioned ‘chalk and talk’ methods are replaced by the latest IT solutions. But equipment is expensive, and schools needed a way to help them make their money go further.

Although our school laptops had reached the end of their lives, we noticed the charging trolleys were still in good condition. Unfortunately these could only be used with one brand of laptop, meaning that we could either buy new laptops from the original supplier – this limited the opportunities we had to take advantage of the best value deals – or we could buy new trolleys, even though the old one’s were still working.

After some thought and experimenting we found a way to convert the existing trolleys, meaning they could be used to charge any make of laptop. This meant that we could buy any make of laptop that would meet our students’ needs and use the existing trolleys, saving us around £2000 per trolley, plus any discounts that we received when we negotiated the prices for new laptops.

This small transformation meant that schools had the opportunity to buy the device that was most suitable for students. Schools were given more control over their budget and were able to determine how best to prioritise how they spent their money on the education that they provide.

And it wasn’t just the schools that benefitted. Students and local people now have faster, up-to-date computers. Software and systems are relevant to individual needs, meaning that the new technology better prepares our students for their future.



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