Making a difference to people’s lives


With rising rent prices and living costs, we found people who had a learning disability often struggle to find affordable properties that meet their needs whilst allowing them to live a good quality, independent life.

As a result, our Commissioning Team would identify suitable properties that individuals could rent; accommodation that would allow them to live as independently as possible. Unfortunately, the cost of renting these properties was often high and so, we’d provide financial support, helping people to meet rent payments.

This of course was costly, so our team looked at the alternatives. We found that by working with the local housing providers we were able to negotiate deals that allowed individuals to have access to sustainable tenancies, fair rent levels and ongoing support. We also worked with Registered Social Landlords to provide new, sustainable accommodation which included purpose built properties that met the needs of different people.

So far, this new approach to renting, and living, has given us an annual saving of £110,000. Individuals with learning disabilities are free from the worries of rising living costs, and they can continue their lives in an environment that aids their independence and helps them to flourish.



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