Leeds Council use Calderdale Council’s Social Care System


The service

The Council’s ICT Section is responsible for delivering Information Communications Technology (ICT) solutions to the Council to help improve the way we work and make sure that we use ICT in the most efficient way to benefit the residents of Calderdale.

Why we needed a change

The decreasing level of available funding for Council services places a heavy reliance on ICT as a way of improving service delivery. This reduction in funding also affects ICT – having to do more with less.

Our solution

The Council’s Business Change and Performance Management service, of which ICT is a part, is becoming more commercially minded with the ambition of offsetting some of its income against required savings targets.
As Calderdale has a good reputation for designing and developing software ‘in-house’, an opportunity to exploit this resource has been presented.
When Leeds City Council decided they needed a new system for their Social Services, they reviewed the Calderdale system and subsequently purchased it.

Difference it made to the Council:

  • The hard work we have put in developing this system over a number of years has now created a revenue stream as we now receive annual revenue payments from Leeds Council.
  • This project is providing an income stream that helps us meet our savings targets, improve local services and fosters strategic partnership working with a neighbouring Council.
  • This collaboration has enhanced our reputation for software development. We have received favourable mentions in Local Authority and computing publications.
  • While both Councils now use the same system, each Council can only see the information about its own residents, so ensuring complete confidentially.

Difference it made to local people:

As a Council we are proud to be able to sell services outside Calderdale. Any income we can bring in eases the burden on local council tax payers, and allows us to be even more cost-effective.

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