On the move – the Council’s website goes mobile


The service

The Web Team look after the Council’s website (www.calderdale.gov.uk). They make it easy for people to find the information or service they need online. They keep the website up to date.

Why we needed a change

We found that about a quarter of the people who looked at the Calderdale website did so using their mobile telephone or tablet computer.
The website was designed to work on a PC and didn’t always work well on the smaller screens of mobile devices and tablets. For example, customers were forced to zoom in and scroll horizontally – something users don’t like.

Our solution

We built a ‘responsive’ website. This means that whatever kind of device you want to use, the Council’s website will automatically adjust to fit it. The Council website now changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on. The website automatically adjusts font size, changes the layout, re-sizes images, and ensures buttons on phone screens are easier to press.

Difference it made to the Council:

  • Increases the Council’s reach to tablet and mobile audiences.
  • One site for every device means saving time and cost on site management.
  • One site means the Council can consolidate analytics and reporting into a single report. This means it’s easy to get a good understanding of customer behaviour.

Difference it made to local people:

Customers can now find out information about Council Services on the move, 24 hours per day, they don’t have to be sat at their PC or laptop.
They can use the interactive self-service functions to immediately request a service, book an appointment or report a problem, not having to wait until they return home.
We are hoping that more customers will use the online services, saving them time.



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